One Game a Month

There is this great album from Rifti Beats called DRAGON BALL LOFI. Unsurprisingly, it combines two of my favorite interests: lofi hip hop and Dragon Ball Z. Bruce Faulconer’s score for the series was already legendary with so many great pieces, but this album modernizes many tracks to make them easy lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to.

The track I have been listening to the most is “Piccolo Trains Gohan”. The best part is when lines from the English dub are woven in and Piccolo says, “You’ll laugh at your fears when you find out who you really are.” That song is extremely motivational. In fact, DBZ’s greatest appeal to me when I was a kid was that same motivation. The show’s core idea was that its characters grow stronger through training and emotional development. Watching Dragon Ball Z made you believe that anything was possible through hard work.

As a kid, I must have practiced the Kamehameha a thousand times but was never able to shoot an energy beam out of my palms. However, the shows lesson that hard work can make you stronger is something I have always carried with me.

But that lesson is easy to forget sometimes. I want to become a stronger programmer but have not put in the work to get there. So while listening to DRAGON BALL LOFI I realized I needed to force myself to train my programming skills, ideally at 100x Earth’s normal gravity. In order to improve, I need to practice every day and produce work.

I wrote previously about how I have produced little code throughout my life due to constantly restarting. The reason is simple fear. An idea is a perfect fantasy until you start. Once you begin, it never lives up to your expectations. Simultaneously though, the finished product is greater than the idea because it is tangible. If I want to train myself to become a better programmer, I have to actually produce something.

So I have set myself a challenge: I will produce one video game each month. These projects will be small in scope and are not all going to be great. However, this challenge will force me to produce. You will be able to see my work on this site. This month will probably just be a Pong clone in order to ease into this habit, but at some point hopefully my future work will be genuinely impressive.

It is time to get started on building and finishing things. And a lot of that work will be done while listening to DRAGON BALL LOFI.

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