3 Dishes, 3 Observations

Photo by Lou Stejskal. Used under Creative Commons license.

Oxtail Stew

The world is unfair. Mean people can be successful. Nice people get stricken with terminal diseases. Karma does not exist.

Except, perhaps, with cuts of meat. Most meats fall under a continuum with flavor on one side and price/ease of cooking on the other. Take, for example, the filet mignon, which is expensive and takes only a few minutes to sear. That steak is tender and tasty, but it is a little bland and forgettable. Continue reading

Raising Cane’s: The Best Around

Throughout my lifetime, I have eaten tons of fried chicken in a variety of forms: nuggets, fingers, tenders, strips, even sometimes chicken with bones in it. Everyone has their area of expertise. Neil deGrasse Tyson can write about astrophysics. OJ Simpson can write about how to murder your ex-wife and her lover. And if I was to ever write a book, it would probably be entitled The Fat Guy’s Definitive Guide to Fried Chicken.

And although it does not possess the same level of patriotic associations as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, or barbecue, the classic meal of fried chicken and french fries is more common than all its competitors. Almost every restaurant you have ever been to does a version of this dish. If your friend does not want to try the lamb rogan josh when you drag him to an Indian restaurant, he can probably order a plate of chicken nuggets off the kids menu. Continue reading

Spicy Food: The Challenge

When I eat spicy food, I hiccup uncontrollably. And when I cook spicy food in a frying pan, I use way too much cayenne, create homemade pepper spray, and choke in my kitchen. Despite these problems, I constantly order and make spicy meals: chicken vindaloo curry, mango habanero wings, ghost pepper salsa, and more. You can frequently find me at a bar with tears rolling down my cheeks as I stuff more hot wings into my mouth. It is not an attractive sight.

I pretend my affinity for spicy food is because spicier means tastier. Mild curries are bland and boring, and honey barbecue wings are an affront to my tastebuds. Ultimately, habaneros are way tastier than bell peppers. Continue reading