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Why I No Longer Watch the Texans

Deshaun Watson’s injury is my fault. After not having a franchise quarterback since Matt Schaub, the Texans had finally found the future of the franchise. The phenom from Clemson gave this franchise hope and went toe to toe against Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

But, unfortunately, I had tickets to the Week 9 game versus the Colts. My friends and I were excited to watch our new quarterback in person. Then one of my buddies texted me in the middle of the week, “Watson’s injured.” The universe will not let me get what I want.

Watching Tom Savage play was painful. The game was close, but only because the Colts are incompetent and the Texans got a lucky defensive touchdown. Even when the Texans were in the red zone looking for the game-winning touchdown, nobody in NRG Stadium believed the offense would score.

Savage killed the excitement this team had at the beginning of the season. Fans cannot even get excited about losing since the Browns own our first round draft pick. The Texans need a better quarterback. They need a quarterback like Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is no longer the quarterback who took his team to Super Bowl XLVII. A mixture of injuries and defenses adapting to his play style has limited Kaepernick’s effectiveness. However, he is still arguably better than many starting quarterbacks including Blaine Gabbert, Nathan Peterman, and Tom Savage. And Kaepernick is certainly good enough to at least be a backup or third-string QB.

Of course, no team will touch Kaepernick because he started the anthem-kneeling controversy. But as soon as the MRI on Watson’s knee came back, Texans GM Rick Smith should have immediately given Kaepernick a call.

Many fans want to keep politics out of football. However, not signing Kaepernick is an inherently political decision. The apolitical move would be to sign the player that can most help on the field. Instead, the Texans and other teams ignore a player because his politics disagree with their own.

Over the years, the Texans have made plenty of poor decisions including:

  • Poor second and third round draft picks
  • Letting good players like Connor Barwin and A.J. Bouye go to other teams
  • Terrible injured reserve decisions1)While Tom Savage may not be a good quarterback, unnecessarily putting Savage on IR led to the Texans having to start T.J. Yates and Brandon Weeden for multiple games in 2015.
  • Trading for Ryan Mallett
  • Trading for Brock Osweiler
  • Not drafting Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Dak Prescott, or Kirk Cousins

But all of those are poor football decisions. Rick Smith may not be good at his job, but I was never offended by his decisions. Even after the Texans’ choices blew up in their faces, fans at least knew the team was trying to improve.

Not signing Colin Kaepernick is nothing like those previous mistakes. Owner Bob McNair’s refusal to look at Kaepernick is an intentional decision to prioritize politics over a possibly better football team. They care more about the way in which black men have drawn attention to police brutality than the reason their franchise and the league itself exists: to play the best possible football.

The Texans don’t care about winning. So why should I care to watch them?

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. While Tom Savage may not be a good quarterback, unnecessarily putting Savage on IR led to the Texans having to start T.J. Yates and Brandon Weeden for multiple games in 2015.

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