Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart: A Failed Prototype

42 days.

42 days have passed between the last game I posted and today. With so much time, I hoped I would be able to release the new game that I have been working on called Richard the Lionheart.

The core idea of the game was to make a more survival-horror version of Pac-Man. All the mazes would be randomly generated. Levels would feature ghosts, limited vision, flooding waters, and shifting walls.

Unfortunately, though, the game was not fun, so I won’t be releasing it. The screenshot above is the only trace of Richard the Lionheart available.

Putting in all that work with nothing to show is disappointing. Normally, I would get depressed and delete all traces of the project. But this time I am going to keep the project around. Because there really is no such thing as a failed prototype. I learnt how to do some cool technical feats like maze generation and pathfinding. Maybe one day I can return to this project, with a little more design knowledge, and create a great game.

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