No More Resets

For my seventh birthday, I received a Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64. In the morning, I defeated Big Bob-omb and Koopa the Quick. In the afternoon, my family went out for pizza and go-karting. In the evening, I began a ruinous habit: I deleted my save file and started a new game. It was easier (and almost as fun) to recover those first two stars than to venture into unknown territory. To this day, restarting is a fixation throughout my life.

Programming projects are deleted from my hard drive. Diets are abandoned with promises that, “I’ll pick it up again next week”. My college degree remains unfinished while I fantasize about starting over with a new major. I never make any progress towards my goals because the beginning is more exciting than the subsequent hustle required.

But today I am breaking this addiction. This will be my last “first post” on this blog. The path may twist and turn, but it will never be broken again.