Metal Gear Solid 2

Whatever Happened to the Games We Loved?

I have murdered countless innocents, even children. Armies have bowed before me. I have sown genocide across worlds. Worst of all, my atrocities entertained me.

I used to love video games especially violent ones. Opening a Nintendo 64 on my seventh birthday was one of my greatest childhood memories. I stared at my Game Boy for hours in order to beat Pokemon Yellow. My friends and I would play Super Smash Bros. Melee every day after middle school. The release of Halo 2 felt like the biggest pop culture event of my generation. And yes, I would kill the occasional prostitute in each iteration of Grand Theft Auto.

Growing up, I felt I would one day give up video games for more adult hobbies like golfing and home renovation. Only one adult I knew played video games. Like Trix cereal, video games were for kids. Continue reading